Getting on the BlockChain with Tiana Tulsi

Welcome to my site. Below are a few short videos containing all the information you need to navigate your way around the Blockchain Wallet
and how to operate the UnitEx exchange system successfully.

  • Activate Blockchain Wallet.
  • How to stake
  • Cru to Wru conversion.
  • Registering your UnitEx exchange.
  • Trading on UnitEx exchange.
  • Have fun on your Crypto Journey!

    To register on the UnitEx exchange please use my referal link.
    For the CRU to WCRU conversion please contact me for any USDU for the conversion fees.

    Activate your Blockchain Wallet
    and secure your seed phrase

    How to Stake in your
    Blockchain Wallet

    CRU to WCRU conversion
    What is RAM/CPU/NET

    Send from your Blockchain Wallet
    to UnitEx exchange

    Send from the UnitEx exchange
    back to your Blockchain Wallet

    How to deposit USD and BTC
    to the UnitEx exchange

    How to Trade on the UnitEx exchange.


    How to Register your account on UnitEx exchange

    Your Blockchain Wallet is a Non-Custodial wallet.

    Non-Custodial wallet: A simple answer to what is non-custodial wallet is that it is a type of Blockchain wallet that lets only you manage your funds. This implies that you have full control over your funds using the associated private key(seed phrase). Protect your Seeds Phrase, Keep it in a safe and secure location.

    Custodial wallet: A Custodial Wallet is defined as a wallet in which the private keys are held by a third party. Meaning, the third party has full control over your funds. While you can only give them permission to send or receive payments.

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